May 2015

As the beneficiaries of the sacrifice of the many we remember on Memorial Day, Americans should make use of those freedoms these soldiers died to protect. The responsibility of preserving those freedoms is not limited to those who have served, but is a crucial part of every American’s role as a citizen of this nation.
To honor those fallen soldiers who gave the last measure of full devotion to enable all Americans to continue to have our freedoms, we should take action to use those freedoms they have sacrificed all to preserve.

Children with learning disabilities and other special needs are bullied at nearly twice the rate of mainstream students and are particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of being a victim of bullying. Where students suffer from both a learning disability and peer victimization, this combination “may have separate and additive effects, substantially heightening these children’s chance of experiencing social and emotional problems.” When a child with learning disabilities becomes a victim of bullying, intervention on behalf of the child is necessary and should involve a coordinated effort between the child’s school, home, and community.

Throughout the crowd, the air was filled with encouragement, the joy of watching children freely play without the weight of the concerns which normally dominate their days, and celebration of these kids’ potential. Though the disabilities faced by the athletes differed, the families in attendance were united by their shared experience of raising a child (or children) with a disability and having become a part of the world of IEPs, therapies, and educational services commonly known as the IDEA.