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At Apple Payne Law, we consider family, especially children, to be the most important! Protecting the wellbeing and legal rights of children is of the utmost concern to the American legal system. This explains the existence of so many laws and regulations to ensure children are provided, well cared for, and in as stable a home environment as possible.

What Do Family Lawyers Do?


Family law is a legal practice area that deals with family relationships. Includes in this area are proceedings related to:


  • Adoption — Adoption includes any and all aspects of the adoption process, from the first visit to the last signed document granting you custody of your adopted child or children.
  • DivorceThe divorce proceedings between two adults are handled by family lawyers, who work with both parties to ensure a mutually agreed-upon division of property and assets. 
  • SeparationSeparation differs from divorce in that both parties receive a court order that states they are separated, yet they remain legally married.
  • Child CustodyIn cases of divorce or separation, family lawyers will do their utmost to ensure the children of the divorcing couple are placed in the best, most stable home environment possible, and that an agreement is drawn up that both parents are satisfied and bound to comply with. 
  • Child Support and MaintenanceSpouses, parents, and guardians are legally obligated to support the children in cases of divorce or separation. 
  • PaternityPaternity is the legal process of establishing the rights of parentage for children who were born out of wedlock or with unknown paternity.
  • EmancipationMinors are legally able to become self-supporting and assume adult responsibility for themselves, and thus are no longer legally under the care of their parents. 


All of these proceedings are incredibly complex, so it’s not something you want to take on alone. You need help from a family lawyer who will help you get the best of what you and your child or children deserve.



Why Choose Apple Payne Law?


The attorneys at Apple Payne Law are experienced in adoption in NC, and has made a name in Winston-Salem as being the lawyers who won’t back down, no matter what. After all, the protection and security of your children are as important to us as they are to you. If you’re searching for an “adoption lawyer near me”, you need legal counsel in divorce proceedings, or you’re trying to ensure your child is placed in the best custody situation during a divorce or separation, Apple Payne Law is your top choice.


Family matters can be painful, difficult to navigate, and often sensitive, or there is simply so much paperwork to file for the adoption, fostering, or paternity process that you’ll quickly get overwhelmed. That’s where we at Apple Payne Law come in! We’ll be by your side each step of the way, walking you through every aspect of the complicated legal proceedings and helping you get the justice you deserve. Our lawyers are dedicated to getting you and your family the best ruling possible from whatever family law proceedings we’re undertaking for you

Whether you need help navigating adoption in NC and all of the many complex laws that govern the process, settling the matters of divorce or separation, or guaranteeing a fair child support division that ensures your child is cared for, we’re determined to see your case through to an outcome you’re happy with. Contact Apple Payne Law and let us know how we can help you today!

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