Before My Parents Pass

Help to Ease Your Loss When the Time Comes

While no one enjoys discussing the subject of death, it’s necessary to prepare for the unexpected. Be sure your parents have provided their loved ones with all the necessary information to handle their affairs; funeral arrangements, banking information, and the location of valuable documents. They might have this information hidden in different areas throughout their home, or placed in a lockbox that they alone can access. How would you track down all their documents once they’re gone, and can’t tell you where to go?

Mockup [FS] Before My Parents Pass

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This document includes several key questions they need to complete, including:

  • Banking information


  • The location of key documents


  • Any requests for funeral arrangements


Other important details and requests can be attached to this document as needed. As your parents read over the guide, make a note of any documents that need revising, such as a will. Don’t wait to update these essential documents. Our focus is to get everything up and running as smoothly as possible.

Once the guide is complete, talk to your parents about its location. Pick a spot you both agree on, and is easily accessible for you when the time comes. If they have any further questions or concerns, we’re always here to clarify any documents or arrangements that must be made.