In addition to federal protections, state level constitutional, statutory, and common law protections exist for autistic children. In the area of education law, budgetary pressures combined with rising rates of autism and the struggle between the two primary views of autism are likely to influence legal developments in this area.

Many state and federal laws may affect the education of an autistic child. The primary federal laws impacting autistic children in schools include: (1) the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”); (2) the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (“IDEA”); (3) Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (“Section 504”); and (4) the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”).

Many autistic families have cards to hand out explaining that their child is autistic. Why do we wear a shirt or hand out cards notifying strangers our children have autism?

What is autism?
What causes autism?
What are the prevailing societal views influencing the treatment of autism in medical, legal, and educational circles?

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