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What Will We Cover?

What documents should be in your estate plan and why is each document important?

Ever wondered what are considered the essential documents that you need when it’s time to settle your estate? Well, now you can prep with peace of mind, since our webinar will cover what documents should be included in your estate planning. Our webinar will take a closer look at the must-have legal documents you need to get your affairs in order, including:

  • A Regular Will (aka, who gets your stuff)
  • A Living Will (aka, Do-Not-Resuscitate or if and when to pull the plug)
  • A Power of Attorney
  • A Healthcare Power of Attorney
  • Additional legal documents, such as a trust

Why is estate planning important?

If you’ve been avoiding planning your estate, now’s not the time to procrastinate. Estate planning isn’t something you can push aside for a number of reasons – it’s one of the most important things you can ever do for yourself, and your family. Our webinar will feature all the essentials what’s, when’s, and why’s when it comes to the importance of estate planning, so you can understand the nuts and bolts of these documents.

Isn’t ______.com cheaper? Can’t I just DIY?

Affordable quick fixes aren’t always better – important legal documents aren’t something you can DIY in a day. Want to know why it’s worth having real legal counsel on your side? We’ll be addressing those questions, and more.

How much is this going to cost me?

Do you think of estate planning, and instantly worry about the price tag? Our webinar is going to alleviate those fears with a few easy answers, and give you the pricing transparency you’ve been looking for. Don’t let the potential dollar signs keep you from completing your estate planning – the long term benefits are worth every penny (and better yet, this webinar is free – so you cannot afford to miss this opportunity!)