It is no secret that separation and divorce are stressful events, and that stress only increases when there are children involved. Kids add an extra, complicated layer of custody and child support. That extra layer requires negotiations and agreements, examining your schedules, possibly hiring child care assistance, and wrestling with how your family is going [...]

The First Steps After Divorce

  • By: Bill Apple
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Finally, after months (or in some cases, years!) of working your way through the process of separation, dividing your property and debt, and divorce, you take a deep breath, and sigh. But for many, that sigh is not one of relief, but rather one that arises out of a sense of loneliness and uncertainty.  You [...]

The presently existing divides and the course of future law and policy surrounding autism will necessarily be impacted by the cure and neurodiversity viewpoints. At the core of the divide between these two viewpoints is how each side defines disability, a term which has, historically, carried with it derogatory connotations.

Generally, in making a determination about custody, a court attempts to maintain stability in the life of the child. With the broad judicial discretion granted in making a determination of what is in the best interests of the child, time and increased numbers of cases determining the custody of autistic children will determine which of the competing views of autism will ultimately come to dominate how future courts define the best interests of an autistic child.

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Having an autistic child places great strain on many areas of family life, and parents of autistic children are more likely to become divorced. It will be increasingly necessary, as the numbers of autistic children in our nation rise, for family courts to consider issues involving autistic children.