Website updates: Online Appointments, Messenger Integration and Forms!

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Apple Payne Law is excited to announce a few changes that have come to our website to help make it easier for clients to access and hire a lawyer, especially for simple matters!


First, we have integrated new online booking links through Calendly that will allow new clients to book appointments online with the any available attorney in our firm, or you can book your consult with Mr. Apple, Mr. Payne or Mr. Ash specifically! It’s as simple as clicking online on the desired date, choosing a time, paying the initial consultation fee and we’ll follow with you via email the next day with the form(s) we need to fill out before your consultation. Right now, there’s a 7-day minimum notice on self-booked online appointments – you can still book an appointment sooner, but you’ll need to call, email or message us to do so we can ensure availability.

Our second new feature is the ability to message us 24/7 with Facebook Messenger. It uses MobileMonkey, which powers the AI used to interact with many of our Facebook messages. Many easy inquiries can be handled online (i.e., do you handle this kind of matter, what are the rates, can I set a consultation), so we hope having online access to us helps! If the AI can’t help you, it will redirect you to a staff member – we try to monitor it after hours, but worst case scenario, leave us a message and we will get back to you the next business day

william-iven-19844-unsplash-300x199 Website updates: Online Appointments, Messenger Integration and Forms!

Last but not least, we have implemented a new form to allow clients to hire us online for a traffic ticket, without the need for calling the office. You are ALWAYS welcome to call/email/message us and we’ll give you a quote on your traffic matters, but for those of you who either you work long hours and don’t have time to call during business hours, or don’t want to talk to a human – no worries! You can fill out the form with the information and we’ll get back to you with a firm quote, which you can pay online. And in most cases, we’ll be able to save you from having to attend court, reduce if not remove potential insurance and license penalties before they can take effect, and save you time, headache and hassle from having to miss work, etc.


Future updates will include additional forms, some self-help DIY guides for a small fee, and updated AI integrations to help answer client questions that come up frequently so we can help make accessing and working with a lawyer easier for you! If you have ideas, suggestions, requests or feedback, PLEASE let us know in the comments or shoot us an email at info@applepaynelaw.com. We would love to help!

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