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The most challenging thing in life is to plan for the unknown and the inevitable. No one likes to discuss their death or what will happen to their assets once they die, but it is an important discussion you should have with your family and an estate planning attorney.

At Apple Payne Law, our family-first law firm wants to give our clients peace of mind through empathetic solutions. We understand that some conversations surrounding estate planning can be uncomfortable, but they’re essential for preparing for the future. We want to make the estate planning process simple, intuitive, and effective.

Helping families navigate life’s important decisions is our mission. You can rely on us to create an estate plan that fits your needs and will last for years.

Do you need help creating a will or trust in Kernersville, NC? Do you need help with probate or appointing beneficiaries? If so, contact a Kernersville estate planning attorney from Apple Payne Law.

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What is an Estate Planning Attorney?

An estate planning attorney is a legal professional who understands state and federal laws governing how an estate is valued, taxed, and dispersed upon death. 

An estate planning attorney can help you:

When you are ready to create an estate plan—no matter your age or stage—it’s essential to call an experienced attorney from Apple Payne Law. Our dedicated and compassionate team will review your documents, listen to your wishes, and help you create an estate plan that reflects how you want your estate to be handled and who should receive your assets. They can even help you appoint the guardian of your children should you die before they turn 18.

Creating an estate plan can calm your mind, knowing your affairs are in order and that your family doesn’t have to make difficult decisions upon death. It also helps prevent family disputes and legal issues surrounding your assets, since your wishes are spelled out in writing.

If you want to ensure your wishes are followed after you pass away, work with a Kernersville estate planning attorney from Apple Payne Law to devise an estate plan.


What Are the Components of an Estate Plan?

A proper estate plan covers four primary documents, each with its own unique purpose and role. 

Our estate plans can include:

  • A will—Distributes your property the way YOU want after you pass (otherwise, the state’s “default” rules apply to YOUR estate).
  • A power of attorney—Allows a person(s) you choose to handle your affairs if you cannot do so yourself (i.e., property, bills, taxes, etc.) due to severe illness or incapacity.
  • A living will (or advance healthcare directive)—Specifies your wishes regarding terminal care (i.e., feeding tubes, Do Not Resuscitate orders, etc.).
  • Healthcare power of attorney—Allows a person(s) you choose to make healthcare decisions for you if you cannot do so yourself due to severe illness or incapacity.


Our Practice Areas

Our estate planning attorneys can help you with asset protection and future planning. Some of the main ways we can help include the four primary documents of an estate plan: wills, powers of attorney, living wills, and health care powers of attorney. At Apple Payne Law, we ensure that your estate planning documents are legal and valid. 

Additionally, we will create an estate plan that fits your and your family’s specific needs.

Here are some other estate planning legal services we can help you with.


A trust is a fiduciary relationship between three or more parties: the grantor, the trustee(s), and the beneficiary(s). The grantor—you—creates the trusts and defines how the trust funds should be distributed. 

Once the trust is finalized, the funds become the trustee’s responsibility. The trustee is responsible for distributing the funds as stated in the trust. Depending on your goals, you can designate yourself or someone else as the initial trustee. 

Finally, the beneficiary is the person who receives the funds.


Probate is the process of handling one’s estate after one passes away. Typically, the decedent assigns an executor in their will. The executor is responsible for going through probate, which can include paying the decedent’s debts, handling their taxes, and appraising their estate. 

Probate can be time-consuming and expensive, so our goal is to create strategies that help your estate avoid the process altogether.


If you have minor children, then it’s important to appoint guardians in your will. Guardians are the people who will take care of your child if you pass away before they become adults. Estate planning lawyers can help you appoint guardians to ensure that people you trust will care for your minor children in an emergency.

And More

At Apple Payne Law, we can help you with several more aspects of estate planning, including:

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Estate planning is beneficial for people at any stage of their lives. Whether you’ve just started a family or you’ll be retiring in a few years, it’s never too early or too late to start estate planning. Let a Kernersville estate planning attorney help you create a plan that will protect your assets and prepare you for the future.

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FAQ: Kernersville Estate Planning

Do I need a lawyer to create a will?

While hiring a lawyer to create a will is not legally required, it’s beneficial. An experienced attorney knowledgeable about estate law knows the ins and outs of the North Carolina legal system. This means they’ll ensure that your will is legal and valid. Lawyers also have the knowledge and experience to make sure your will carries out your wishes once you’re gone.

Do I need a trust if I already have a will?

Wills and trusts may seem similar but they are entirely different legal documents. A will states how you’d like your assets to be distributed once you’ve passed away. It also includes aspects like guardians, beneficiaries, and even your executor. Meanwhile, trusts are helpful if you’d like to give beneficiary funds over time instead of a lump sum.

How can I avoid probate?

Probate can be expensive and laborious for your loved ones, so it’s helpful to try to avoid it or at least minimize which assets have to go through probate. A common way to avoid probate is to create trust, as trusts do not require probate court. Consult an estate planning attorney for more tips and suggestions for avoiding probate.

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