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Trusts are popular legal documents that facilitate the transfer of property from one party to another. A vital part of these documents is the nomination of a trustee, who has the sole legal authority to ensure that trust property moves to the nominated beneficiaries at the specified time.

If you recently received a nomination as a trustee, it is essential to understand your powers and responsibilities. At the same time, if you are a trust maker or a beneficiary under these documents, you must evaluate whether a trustee has met their obligations under the law.

A local trusts and estates attorney could be a strong ally for everyone involved in this process. A Kernersville trust administration lawyer could offer essential guidance for trustees or help other parties to protect their legal rights. At Apple Payne Law, our attorneys are dedicated to helping families navigate life’s important decisions. Let us help you.

Using Trusts as Estate Planning Documents

Moving property from one party to another is rarely a simple undertaking. It is crucial to consider how to accurately make these changes, as well as the various tax implications thereof. Transferring property can be simplified through an effective trust drafted with the help of an attorney who understands the process and implications.

A trust can serve as an alternative to a will. Under this arrangement, the property sits in a trust until the trust maker passes away, at which time the trustee will distribute the property to the stated beneficiaries independently of the probate court.

Trusts can also facilitate property transfers at a specified time in the future, making them a useful tool for funding a child’s education, supporting a charity, or helping those with physical or mental limitations. A trust administration attorney could help individuals in Kernersville recognize their needs and construct a trust that is right for them.

Every Trust Relies on the Services of a Trustee

North Carolina General Statutes §36C-4-401 states that a party cannot create a trust without naming a trustee. A trust maker places property into the trust under the care of a trustee. That trustee maintains the property as necessary to help retain its value. When the time comes, that trustee must transfer the property to the named beneficiaries.

N.C. Gen. Stat. §36C-8-801 outlines the general duties and obligations of trustees. In general, a trustee must act only in the best interests of the trust maker and the beneficiaries.

An estate planning lawyer in Kernersville with experience in trust administration could help trustees understand their obligations or work with beneficiaries to investigate suspicious actions of third-party trustees.

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Trust administration plays a vital role in estate planning. Parties who place property into a trust rely on the chosen trustees to keep their property safe and to distribute it to beneficiaries at the proper times. Trustees who fail in these obligations may be subject to serious legal consequences.

A Kernersville trust administration lawyer could help you better understand the purpose and significance of these documents as well as protect your legal rights. Reach out now to get started.

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