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If you’ve been pulled over for a speeding offense, it might seem like a minor hassle you can worry about later. However, traffic offenses are no laughing matter. If you’ve exceeded the posted speed limit and get pulled over, it’s best to consult with a local traffic law attorney sooner rather than later. Our team has experienced traffic ticket attorney’s who can provide the appropriate legal counsel you’ve been searching for. If you need help defending a speeding ticket in a Kernersville traffic court, contact our team and see if we can provide the assistance you’ve been looking for.

Speeding Offenses

There are a variety of outcomes that can result in a speeding offense. You could face points on your license, high court fines, increased insurance, or possibly have your license revoked. In order to avoid some of these unhappy scenarios, it’s important to take the proper precautions. When it comes to traffic court in Kernersville, speeding is a highly common offense that occurs for two reasons:

1.) Exceeding the Speed Limit

  • Surpassing the regularly posted speed limit, on or off the highway, likely resulting in a fine associated with excessive speeding
  • Speeding in a zoned area, such as a pedestrian crossing, school zone, or work zone
  • Competition speeding against another vehicle
  • Reckless driving

Fines and charges for speeding in Kernersville vary based on the severity of the action. Infractions or misdemeanors will have fewer fines, whereas reckless driving is a serious offense.

Furthermore, it’s important to avoid “pleading guilty” – oftentimes, an attorney can get the “speed” reduced on the ticket, thereby reducing the impact on your driving record and insurance. Pleading guilty to speeding more than 15 MPH over the limit and can lead to the automatic suspension of your license, especially if the posted limit is over 55 MPH.

2.) Not Adjusting Speed to Outside Circumstances

If you are driving too fast in unsafe conditions, such as rain or snow, you can be charged for speeding or moving violations.

Local Traffic Attorney Services

If you need a traffic attorney in Kernersville, our team offers a variety of services for defending against speeding offenses. We’ve dealt with a variety of traffic violations, including:

  • Driving above or below the posted speed limit
  • Reckless driving offenses
  • Distracted driving
  • Running a red light or stop sign

For all of these offenses, we can provide you with the proper counsel and arrive in court on your behalf for a select number of appearances. Simply submit the proper paperwork, documentation, and a copy of your driver’s license so we can get started.

If you are preparing to defend a speeding ticket in a Kernersville traffic court, contact Apple Payne Law today. We can provide you with sound legal knowledge, and start working on your case as soon as possible.

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