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We’re often so busy handling the day to day activities that we don’t always have a chance to get our annual renewal done, and before we know it, we have an expired registration on our vehicle. So what happens once you’ve passed that expiration date and get pulled over by law enforcement?

Contrary to popular belief, North Carolina does not have a grace period after your registration expires. If you haven’t contacted a local DMV office by that point, your tags are considered expired, and law enforcement has every right to pull you over. However, as one of the most common traffic violations, this can be an easy fix in most legal cases.

Let a Kernersville lawyer help you mitigate the consequences associated with having an expired registration and tags and defend your rights. A member of our legal team can ensure your rights are protected every step of the way.

What Happens when You Miss Registration Renewal Notices?

Every year it’s essential to meet registration requirements imposed by the State of North Carolina. You can typically renew online prior to your registration expiration date. However, if you forget to renew your registration and tags and get pulled over, this minor misdemeanor can be handled quickly with the right legal representation.

A legal representative can appear on your behalf in court, and with the proper vehicle record, it’s easy to rectify the situation. When it comes to a minor misdemeanor like this, it’s important to clarify your registration history:

  • Driving without Possession of Registration: If caught driving without registration in your motorized vehicle, this can be handled quickly in court. Proof of registration should satisfy the courts, and an attorney will be able to provide sound counsel in this situation.
  • Driving without A Registration: If you have failed to register your vehicle for the year, you’re driving on an expired registration. Paying the proper renewal fees, and having an attorney appear in court on your behalf should be enough to settle the matter without you having to attend court at all
  • Driving on Expired License Plate Tags: If you do not have the proper registration information or did not pay your registration fees for the year, your vehicle tags will reflect your expired registration. You will have to register your vehicle in order to get new tags. Once that is finished, a lawyer can appear for you to settle the matter without you having to attend court at all.

If you need legal assistance dealing with car registration, taxes, or other circumstances regarding your vehicle, contact the legal professionals at Apple Payne Law for more assistance

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