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Divorce (Complications)

Divorce (Complications)

Recent years have marked a downward national trend in divorce, with 2019 marking the lowest divorce rate in 50 years (the CDC reports a rate of 2.7 per 1,000 population in 2019). But even with a divorce rate of 2.7 someone in the United States gets divorced every 42 seconds and less divorces do not mean less complicated divorces – whether a traditional single-income marriage model or both spouses working nine-to-five, ensuring each spouse is on equal footing in a divorce is a complex process.

At its core, marriage is a contract between two people agreeing to combine resources, divide major life responsibilities, and share life’s burdens as a team; and, cancelling that life-contract often means untangling years of unwritten contract terms and life lived. Fortunately, the experienced team of family law attorneys at Apple Payne Law in Kernersville are prepared to assist you through your divorce process from start to finish. Our qualified attorneys will work to ensure a fair process where your interests are protected; we will answer your questions and prepare you for each step. Call Apple Payne Law today and rest assured your case is in the best hands from the very start.

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