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How Can a Marriage Be Legally Dissolved in NC?

How Can a Marriage Be Legally Dissolved in NC?

There are three ways out of a marriage in North Carolina: annulment, divorce, and death. Having your marriage “annulled” is like voiding a contract. If successful, an annulment resets things as though the marriage never legally happened. There is no legal process of separating money or assets in an annulment because the would-be spouses’ money or assets were never considered legally combined by a marriage contract to start with. While annulment is extremely rare in NC, it is possible under the right circumstances.

In contrast, a “divorce” is the legal process to end valid marriage—divorces often involve pre-divorce separation agreements regarding finances and child custody, followed by potentially lengthy and complicated—permanent divisions of property, support long-range child custody and visitation arrangements.

If you have questions about annulments or divorce (or a separation agreement), our competent team of family law attorneys at Apple Payne Law in Kernersville can provide answers and advice regarding the particulars of your situation. Whether you just need more information or are ready to take the next steps, Apple Payne Law’s dedicated family law attorneys are here to help. Call now to learn more.

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