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Divorce is like a death—it’s the death of the life you shared, the family you built, and the love you had for your former spouse.

No one goes into a marriage thinking it will end, so if it does, it’s okay to feel grief.

You’re not a failure—you’re a person who’s going through a hard time, and it’s going to take some time to heal. But you deserve to get help.

At Apple Payne Law, our experienced divorce attorneys can give you the tools to process what’s happened and make sense of it all. As life changes all around you, we’ll be your constant, working with you to help you understand your options and make the best decisions for your family.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, even if you can’t see it just yet. Let us help you. Contact a Kernersville divorce lawyer today for a free consultation.

What It Takes to Get a Divorce in Kernersville

No need to point the finger or waste time playing the blame game in your divorce. North Carolina is a no-fault divorce state, so you can get straight to the point without proving the other person was at fault for the marriage breakdown.

Unlike other states that require a spouse to prove specific grounds to secure a divorce, that is unnecessary in Kernersville.

Because fault is not an issue, you’ll only need to demonstrate to the court that you meet the basic requirements for divorce under North Carolina law—residency and separation.


At least one spouse must legally reside within North Carolina for a minimum of six months before filing for divorce. That means a spouse who lives out of state could file for divorce in Kernersville as long as their spouse has lived there for at least six months.


Spouses must be separated (living apart) for a minimum of one continuous year and a day. During that time, at least one of the spouses must have intended to leave and not resume the marriage. If a couple moves back together during that one year of living apart in hopes of reconciliation, it may start the clock all over again.

Property is Split Equitably (Not Equally) in a North Carolina Divorce

North Carolina family courts divide marital property based on equitable distribution laws. That does not mean the court will split marital assets 50/50. If the judge determines that it is fair for one spouse to receive more property than the other, they can order such a split.

A Kernersville attorney could help ensure you’re treated fairly during a divorce. If you have issues related to property division or spousal support, you should contact an attorney before filing for divorce so that you don’t lose your right to request relief under these claims.

Why You Need a Family Law Attorney

While the divorce process may seem simple enough on paper, there’s nothing simple about breaking up a family. High emotions and stress are the perfect breeding ground for legal issues, from child custody to property disputes and other family law matters.

Our Kernersville, NC, divorce lawyers can level the playing field in your divorce, providing one-on-one legal assistance so that you can begin again.

Here’s what we do for you:

  • Handle all legal aspects of your divorce
  • Explain the relevant laws so you understand your rights and what’s fair
  • File paperwork and ensure forms are filled out correctly
  • Give objective advice to help you make the best decisions for your future
  • Negotiate settlements between you and your spouse to reduce conflict
  • Provide legal representation in all family court hearings

Call our law office today to discuss what you want your future to look like.

Let Our Family Take Care of Yours — Contact a Kernersville Divorce Attorney Today

Families take care of one another.

Let our family of attorneys and staff at Apple Payne Law in Kernersville take care of yours if you are considering a divorce. While the process can be relatively simple, there are many rights you could lose if you don’t proceed with caution. Divorce proceedings can be stressful, but guidance from the right family law attorney will take some weight off your shoulders.

Don’t risk handling your divorce case on your own. Let a Kernersville divorce lawyer fight for you.

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