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There are many reasons why family disputes and divorce cases have earned a reputation for being contentious. The proceedings are often long, drawn-out, and painful for every party involved. Thankfully, using certain tools could prevent this lengthy litigation and allow the parties to come together to find a solution. One of those tools is mediation.

Family law mediation is a process that occurs outside of the courtroom. Even though you are not trying your case before a judge, you do have the right to a skilled divorce attorney to represent you at mediation. By working with a Kernersville mediation lawyer at Apple Payne Law, you might be able to resolve the sticking points in your family law matter without lengthy and difficult conflict. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping families navigate life’s important decisions; let us help yours.

Benefits of Mediation

Parties that turn to mediation during their family law disputes find a wide range of benefits for doing so. While many people focus on the financial benefits of taking this approach, mediation could also be helpful for peace of mind as well. A Kernersville attorney at Apple Payne Law can explain all the benefits of mediation including cost-saving, protection of privacy, and timesaving.

Saving Money

One of the primary reasons couples have turned to mediation during the divorce process is due to financial savings. Litigating a divorce is costly. Attorneys typically bill by the hour, and these cases are likely to drag on for months—if not years. Mediation allows divorcing spouses to resolve their disputes without the need for costly litigation.

Protecting Privacy

In a divorce case, trials are public hearings that can generally be attended by any member of the community. The public nature of these hearings could expose the details of a family’s life in unwanted ways.

On the other hand, mediation is a private proceeding rather than a matter of public record. The ability to resolve disputes in private could be an appealing option for many people, especially those with small children.

Saving Time

Mediation also provides an opportunity to wrap up a divorce during a much shorter time frame compared to litigation. A lawsuit involving a divorce or family law dispute can take months or even years. These cases often require multiple hearings and court appearances before the issue is ultimately decided at trial.

Mediation often occurs during a single session, and there is no need for the countless motion hearings that come with litigation.

Kernersville Divorce Mediation Process

State law does not dictate how mediation must occur. Some mediations occur in a single room with both parties and their lawyers present. In other situations, the mediator could split each party into separate rooms. During this process, the mediator goes back and forth to resolve disputes.

The mediator will often make suggestions on how the party might reach a conclusion. The important thing to remember is that there is no binding result from mediation. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, the case will continue to litigation. A driven lawyer at Apple Payne Law will work to secure a favorable outcome in a mediation case.

Consult a Kernersville Mediation Attorney Today

If your desire is to resolve your family law dispute without the need for costly litigation, mediation might be in your best interest. This process could save you time and money while protecting your privacy.

You don’t have to attempt mediation alone. Contact a Kernersville mediation lawyer at Apple Payne Law right away to discuss your options.

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