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When parents are separated, divorced, or were never married to begin with, questions regarding visitation rights often weigh heavily on the parties involved. Visitation disputes are often incredibly emotional, which is why it is so important to seek guidance from a seasoned child custody attorney.

A custody visitation schedule can look different for specific families. In most cases, the court will agree to equal or near-equal visitation for the non-custodial parent. Other times, the court might determine visitation with the non-custodial parent is not in the child’s best interest. A Kernersville visitation lawyer at Apple Payne Law could assist you with making sure that you get a fair outcome in your visitation dispute.

Understanding Visitation Orders

Parents could come together to decide visitation in a variety of ways. Judges prefer the parties to find a way to work together and reach a compromise that everyone involved agrees with. When compromise is not an option, the next step is usually a contested hearing.

No matter how they are enacted, child visitation orders must consider several important issues regarding the care for a minor child. These plans typically spell out the specific times a child is with each parent. Often, this schedule includes a calendar that tracks visitation down to the day.

How children’s time is split between parents during holidays, like Christmas and Thanksgiving and summer and winter breaks can be a contentious issue for many families.

The logistics of exchanging the minor child for visitation is often overlooked. Each time a parent is granted visitation, a plan should be in place to pick up and return the child safely. With the help of a Kernersville lawyer at Apple Payne Law, every necessary detail in the visitation order can be planned.

How the Court Decides Visitation Disputes

Reaching an agreement on the appropriate amount of visitation will not always be possible for parents. Even if the parties do agree, while the court generally signs off on agreements made by the parents, they are not obligated to. A judge must make a visitation decision that is in the best interest of the child—even if both parents are unhappy with the outcome.

Any judge considering a dispute over visitation is required by North Carolina law to decide the issue with the child’s best interests in mind. Each parent has rights, but those rights are secondary to what is best for the child.

The best interest of the child standard is made up of several elements, including:

  • A child’s special needs
  • The relationship between each parent and child
  • The parents’ health
  • Any history of abuse
  • The child’s ties to the community
  • Each parent’s ability to provide stability

Fighting for fair visitation can be an emotionally taxing process. It could benefit you to first discuss your options with a visitation lawyer serving Kernersville.

Contact a Kernersville Visitation Attorney Today

Visitation issues are important, but they do not always have to lead to a conflict. In fact, many parents are able to find common ground and reach an agreement that works for parents and children alike.

If you are facing a dispute with the other parent of your child, now is the time to seek legal help. Call a Kernersville visitation lawyer at Apple Payne Law right away.

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