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If you are considering a home purchase in Winston-Salem, the guidance and advocacy provided by an experienced real estate attorney could be invaluable. During every step of the process, a Winston-Salem real estate lawyer at Apple Payne Law can assist you by ensuring the transaction is as smooth as possible.

Property Closing in Winston-Salem

Trusted lawyers at Apple Payne Law can also help facilitate the real estate closing. The closing often occurs at the real estate attorney’s office. There, the attorney will explain all the final steps needed to finish the transaction. This may involve walking each party through all the final documents and answering any legal questions.

Next, the attorney will assist the parties in executing each of these documents. Once the lawyer ensures that every party has signed, they will typically forward the documents to the lender. Next, the attorney will formalize the transfer by recording the deed with the appropriate Register of Deeds office. Once all proceeds are disbursed and the final title policy is issued, the attorney will conclude the closing process.

Winston-Salem Real Estate Title Search and Opinions

One of the most complex aspects of homebuying is the title search. The sale can only go through if the seller has clear legal title to the property. Issues involving the chain of title or other defects could be costly and time-consuming to fix. A dedicated attorney at Apple Payne Law can perform a thorough property title search in an effort to address these issues early on in the process.

After the title search is completed, the transaction requires an opinion of title. An opinion of title is a type of legal document that must be provided to the title insurance company. This document compiles information on the title as well as any tax liens that might be in place. This opinion should also identify any judgments that have resulted in liens attached to the title as well. Only a lawyer can issue an opinion of title.

There is another opinion known as the final title opinion. This opinion occurs at the end of the process. Once the opinion is submitted to the title insurance company, the homebuying process concludes and a final title policy is issued to the home buyer if one was requested.

Drafting Real Estate Contracts

Another area where the guidance of a Winston-Salem real estate attorney at Apple Payne Law can be critical is during the contract negotiation and drafting process. The sale of real estate relies heavily on contracts and other legal documents, and an attorney could ensure those are in order.

The purchase contract is often the first required document. This contract spells out the terms of the sale and identifies any conditions that apply, including who pays specific fees and how long the buyer has to conduct inspections. An attorney can also draft promissory notes or deeds for the property to ensure no errors are codified.

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There are legal pitfalls during every step of the real estate transaction process. Our trustworthy attorneys will help you avoid these pitfalls, so you have a smooth transaction.

If you are thinking about a property purchase, it will benefit you to rely on experienced legal counsel. Call a Winston-Salem real estate lawyer at Apple Payne Law today.

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